About me

Odejide Janet. I.

Hello, I’m Janet! 

I am a trained and certified therapist with a focus on existential issues and I also provide services as an Organizational Psychologist.

As the Lead therapist at Nostos Wellness and Therapy, I work towards helping people  and organizations find answers to psychotherapy related issues and support them when they need help with their mental health.

I currently volunteer my services with MANI- Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative and Wellvis. My Membership with the British Association of Counselling Psychologists is in view.

In other spheres, I provide support C-level executives in achieving their Organizational and individual goals.

Contact me: janet@nostostherapy.org 

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We help organizations make more money by employing stress
detection and management strategies for staff members.

We are  experts in Integrated Work-Life Satisfaction

Our firm pursues optimum productivity vis-à-vis emotional
adaptability and resilience of clients, helping small, medium and
large corporations to enhance fulfillment in the work place.