Nostos Wellness & Therapy

That your body, spirit, soul may be home.

Nostos Wellness And Therapy Is A Psychotherapy Firm Focused On
The Well-Being Of All The Individuals Who Make Up A Work Place.

About Us

Nostos Wellness and Therapy is a psychotherapy firm focused on
the well-being of all the individuals who make up a work place.
We help organizations make more money by employing stress
detection and management strategies for staff members.
We are specifically experts in Integrated Work-Life Satisfaction

Therapeutical Sessions

We have a pre-registered schedule to serve our clientele. However, we tailor our services to meet each of your needs. 
We look forward to working with you in enhancing the wellness and
increasing the productivity of your staff.


We train staffs and interested personnel on counseling and therapeutic processes. 


Why Our Sessions?

Our firm pursues optimum productivity vis-à-vis emotional adaptability and resilience of clients, helping small, medium and large corporations to enhance fulfillment in the work place.

Our Sessions

We would begin with a discussion on your organization’s mental productivity, strengths and weaknesses. After this, we will work
on resolving concerns and issues surrounding employee

Individual Session

Group Session


meet our Lead Counsellor - Odejide Janet . I

Odejide, Janet is a trained, certified and qualified therapist with a focus on existential issues and provide services as an Organizational Psychologist.

As the Lead therapist at Nostos Wellness and Therapy, I work towards helping people  and organizations find answers to psychotherapy related issues and support them when they need help with their mental health.

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