Nostos Wellness & Therapy

That your body, spirit, soul may be home.

Nostos Wellness and Therapy is a counselling and psychological service aimed at helping individuals regain and maintain mental wholeness and wellness.

About Us

Nostos Wellness and Therapy is a psychotherapy firm focused on working with adolescents, adults and couples who are experiencing critical incident/  trauma, anxiety, depression, grief , life existential and adverse childhood experiences and their presentation in adulthood issues. We identify with the tripartite nature of our humans and support through the somatic and emotional expression.

Our Services

For those who work in high-stress, high-stakes environments, we help you identify ways to self-regulate and come back to your default state – your mind’s home.

Adolescent and Young Person Counselling

This is therapy for young persons from age 8-17. We would require consent from guardians or parents before therapy commences.

Individual Counselling

This is therapy with person-centered approaches to supporting you through your journey.

Group Counselling

For groups of 5-10 individuals seeking to share experiences as a community.

Why Our Sessions?

Our sessions help you stay in tune with your body, mind and soul.

We would begin with a discussion on your organization’s mental productivity, strengths and weaknesses. After this, we will work
on resolving concerns and issues surrounding employee


We support organisations and staff through times of crisis and psychological retraining and development.


We train staffs and interested personnel on counseling and therapeutic processes. 


meet our Lead Counsellor - Odejide Janet . I

 Janet Odejide is a Certified Professional Mental Health Therapist by Attitude Development International(Nigeria). She is adept at working with organisations as a workplace counsellor and with younger individuals as well as adults looking to evolve from all forms of trauma, abuse and non-substance addictions.

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